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Lost Frequency: Adil Hiani, Polyswitch et Jessin


Soirée electro avec Adil Hiani, Polyswitch et Jessin


Adil Hiani (Cosmo Records)

Born on february 6th, 1989, Adil Hiani is a native of Morocco, where he started the art of Turntablism at the age of 13, introduced by his cousin.

Fond of Hip Hop since his early acquaintance with music, that genre served as an entry point for the artist to develop other interests and meet various people gradually shaping the electronic path Adil has from then on made his field of expertise.

Adil joins COSMO Records just before its official creation in 2009. Since then, the artist has developed a multipurpose involvement withing the label. Today, Adil co-leads the label, manages its A&R and has become the label's indisputable flagship artist.

Based in Berlin since the end of 2012, Adil mainly performs in Europe and keeps dedicating some of its time to playing in Northern-Africa (Morocco, Tunisia).
In previous records that he produced, Adil collaborated with artists such as Masomenos, San proper, Sonja Moonear and Reda Cherif.

Adil currently works on soon-to-be released COSMO pieces and on other interesting projects with further labels.



Polyswitch (Question of time Records)

Born in Casablanca/Morocco, DJ and Producer, Polyswitch is Influenced by a wide range of artists from a variety of genres, he developed his knowledge and taste in music. While exploring the world of electronic music, Polyswitch was Heavily impressed by House and techno sounds, Inspired by Detroit and Chicago pioneers, He was Introduced to DJing But a desire to break musical and technological limits pushed him into production.

Polyswitch has released his debut EP called Vacation on the UK label Question of time, supported by artists such as Slam,Nick Holder, Stacey Pullen, Jamie Anderson and many more.

With respect for his growing up talent, Polyswitch is a name to look out for on the Moroccan house and techno scene.

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